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4l60e Electrical Diagram - 4l60e modifications if you are rebuilding a 4l60e transmission get a good manual either a factory service manual or the atsg 4l60e guide below is a list of the weak points in a 4l60e transmission 4l60e operation the 4l60e is an electronically shifted general motors rwd 4 speed automatic transmission megashift is an electronic controller for this transmission that is based on the megasquirt 174 gpio hardware the gm 4l60e 4 speed automatic rwd transmission make sure you look close because i have done this on 3 transmissions so far and 2 out of 3 already had it and that was a 93 94 truck the bottom side of the servo closest to can i get a chevy 4l60e wiring diagram please reply 1 i have found these transmission wiring diagrams for you below and a guide to help you do doubt a shorted vss would smoke the pcm the diagram i was looking at didn t specify voltage but it s just signal not power the.
reason for the abs and brake lights is the wheel sensors aren t matching up with the vss so the pcm responds by throwing warning lights use any info from this site at your own risk you may link to these pages images but not copy for the purpose of re hosting reselling or publishing without expressed permission 1985 1992 throttle body injection wiring harness installation quality of construction this harness is constructed using oem quality wire for superior reliability and long term use microsquirt3 174 controllers have tiny footprint the v3 microsquirt case is just is 4 71 120mm long by 3 13 79 5mm wide by 1 67 42 4mm to the top of the seal connector the v3 microsquirt 174 controller uses the sealed 35 pin seal connector and a sealable plastic case will the diagram help me fix it without ing out of pocket alot cause this was my situation i parked at a friend s house my truck was running.
just fine started just fine and everything but when i parked at my friend s house and shut my truck off it wouldn t start back it sound like it wasn t getting fire i had no pressure in the front or the back hooked it up to a puter and
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